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About Signing Families 


Signing Families ™ is a sign language instructional company founded and is owned by Louise Sattler, Nationally Certified School Psychologist. Our focus is on educating and providing resources to help with communication, disaster preparedness, and response efforts following an emergency or disaster.  We offer sign language (ASL) and preparedness training of emergency responders, community organizations and school personnel.  Based in Los Angeles, Signing Families has provided products and training to thousands throughout the United States. Including CERT, EMS, Statewide Public Health programs, Schools, Head Start and many others!


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“My husband and I just can’t believe the turnaround time of only four days, and are very motivated to keep going and encouraging Annika to sign. We even gave your DVD to our day care provider to use during the day as well. Again, thank you so much for showing us how to bridge a huge gap with our little girl in helping us learn how to better communicate with each other. ”

Michelle in Maryland


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