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Signing Families ™ was founded and is owned by Louise Sattler, Nationally Certified School Psychologist. Our focus is on educating and providing resources to help with communication, disaster preparedness, and response efforts following an emergency or disaster.  We offer sign language (ASL) and preparedness training of emergency responders, community organizations and school personnel.  Based in Los Angeles, Signing Families has provided products and training to thousands throughout the United States. Including CERT, EMS, Statewide Public Health programs, Schools, Head Start and many others!

We invite you to delve in to our website and check out the video catalog, photo gallery and much more! Happy Signing and thank you!

About Louise Sattler and Signing Families Services

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Meet Louise Sattler,

Founder of Signing Families

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Louise is a consummate educator with over 25 years in teaching sign language. Her focus has been on bridging communication needs between those who use sign language as their primary language  and First Responders, educators, among others. The safety and welfare of special populations is an area that Louise dedicates much of her time.

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Signing Families Featured Products


TRi-lingual video to teach vocabulary in ASL, English and Spanish

BEST SELLER Communication Chart

Our sign language communication charts are 
very popular because they are trilingual - English- Spanish and ASL

Fan Favorite!


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