5 Signs a Day!

2013-07-14 16.31.19

2013-07-14 16.31.19

I have taught thousands of people how to learn to communicate with sign language.  I often need to remind students that learning a language, ASL or others, is a journey and not a race. That is why for novice’s I encourage the ” 5 a Day” rule.  This is especially true when a person is learning sign language to teach their child or students.

Which signs first? If you are teaching small children use signs that are common in the environment and associated with daily actives. Such as DRINK, EAT, MORE, MOM and DAD.  See 5 signs to start!  Then go on to other signs that are helpful such as ALL DONE (FINISHED), WANT, BED, POTTY,  BATHE (BATH).

See First Signs in our GALLERY at this link

For older children and adult learners one may wish to start with the alphabet, numbers and common introductions.

Learn the alphabet and numbers here

Regardless of why you are learning to sign, keep in mind that you didn’t learn your primary language overnight or even in a week or month. So, don’t expect ASL acquisition to be instantaneous.

Happy Signing!


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