About Louise Sattler

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A consummate educator, Louise Sattler is a graduate of both the University of Delaware and Penn State. She is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist and has worked for more than two decades within the fields of special education, deaf education, multicultural education and more!

Currently, Louise is busy working with organizations who wish to learn sign language and effective strategies to keep people with special challenges safe during emergencies and disasters. (Read more)

She also is known as a social media expert via 411 VOICES, a company she co-founded in 2011. (Visit   411 VOICES)

You can find her WHERE LEARNING MEETS LAUGHTER blog via WORDPRESS where she muses on all kinds of topics, including her experience with being diagnosed, treated and in remission for cancer… (Click here to read Louise’s Blog)

Known for her humorous edutainment style of presenting, Louise has been a sought after speaker and guest on many media outlets. To book Louise Sattler as a speaker at your event use this CONTACT form.

Louise lives in California with her husband, but claims airports as really being her “second home”.

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From the moment we met I knew there was something special about Louise, and I was correct. She has that unique style about herself that makes a lecture or presentation more a conversation between her audience and herself. When I hear the term ‘subject-matter-expert’ I typically associate with how many letters one has behind their name or how often they have been published, but not the case with Louise and the women of 411 Voices. What makes them experts in the subjects they present is their passionate ability to convey practical, not just academic, knowledge. Each opportunity I have to participate, attend, or facilitate a program with Louise and the 411 Voices I eagerly am grateful!

Stephan I. Mambazo, MSW, LSW, CGRSÆ


“Louise Sattler was a guest on my show. It quickly became apparent that she’s what you would call a “dream guest.” She’s lively and filled with funny, relevant stories that create an air of instant friendship for the host and the listening audience. She has the quick wit to be able to switch from serious to humorous without missing a beat, a true dream when interviewing someone. Thanks Louise, let’s do it again and again!”

Sharon Silver – ProActive Parenting 

“I am a grandmother of both a grandson who has speech and language delays and a bilingual granddaughter and found this (Baby, Toddler, and Preschool Sign Language) DVD so helpful for me and my husband. Thank you Dr. Sattler for such an excellent sign language communication tool. I have definitely recommended this DVD to other grandparents with similar needs that I have. We are so thankful for such an excellent tool.”
CricketM in New York 

“My husband and I just can’t believe the turnaround time of only four days, and are very motivated to keep going and encouraging Annika to sign. We even gave your DVD to our day care provider to use during the day as well. Again, thank you so much for showing us how to bridge a huge gap with our little girl in helping us learn how to better communicate with each other. ”

Michelle in Maryland 

“Louise is a wonderful teacher and inspires new Moms with her wealth of information and enthusiasm! She has been a speaker in my New Moms Group for the last 4 years and is a wonderful asset to our program.”

Judy Templeton, Parent – Child Specialist in Maryland

“No matter what age you are, learning Sign Language is a gift that will keep on giving. Whether you have a special needs child, work with them or simply want to enhance your skills and education, this DVD is so user friendly and cost effective that everyone should take advantage of the opportunity to broaden your knowledge. I actually learned to Sign in Elementary School! It was part of our class subjects way back when, although I don’t remember all of it, I can still Sign A-Z; however with this new DVD, I can quickly pick it up again. The bilingual aspect is an added bonus!”

By Sue Scheff (South Florida)

Louise’s drive, dedication and leadership stands out in the networking field where she brings talent and expertize together. An outstanding educator herself, her natural love for life is motivation for anyone with authentic passion and purpose. I highly recommend you get on board!

“The DVD is excellent! You are a great teacher. It was very easy to follow and my kids were readily picking up the signs. Job well done. Congratulations!”
Kendra in Maryland