Training / Speaking

Providing workshops to help First Responders learn how to ENGAGE  - INTERACT and COMMUNICATE with those who with unique challenges


Hosting a training or workshop?  Looking for a speaker who knows how to engage an audience while instructing about safety and communication topics?


What Trainings are Available?

Presentations for conferences and expos.

Louise has presented at numerous conferences as the keynote and / or workshop trainer. She also has participated in speaker panels.

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Emergency Responders and Community Based Programs (including CERT)

 Louise has trained thousands of emergency responders, community volunteers (including CERT) and school districts on effective ways to prepare, interact and communicate with people who have access and functional needs.  As an invited speaker to international, national, regional and local emergency preparedness events, Louise has inspired and enlighten those who may not know about the unique considerations and plans needed for children and adults with Autism, Down Syndrome, Learning and Behavioral Disorders and sensory challenges, including Deafness.

School and Center Based Workshops?

Louise is able to provide to your school or center, in a energetic and humorous manner, salient emergency preparedness information on what families  and staff need to know.  Do you have a family or center plan for evacuation? Who should you communicate BEFORE an emergency about your family member  with special medical or learning challenges or your students?  Remember – even a child with a common challenge- such as Asthma or ADHD is noteworthy.
In addition, Louise can provide to your staff  strategies to help students within the classroom or home environment by integrating sign language.
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