Please read first

I love engaging with people on social media – usually. But the flurry of people writing to me to offer their advice, assistance, help , great idea, link to an important website or to “drive traffic” to this website is making me CRAZED.

So, here is my plea. STOP.

SIGNING FAMILIES  is a thriving business. One that is nearly sold out of product and my calendar is very full with requests for guest speaking (although I am opening up more dates – so do inquire if you are a legitimate organization).

I do not wish to have you to write me to place your link on my resource page when it has NOTHING to do with the branding of SIGNING FAMILIES. ESPECIALLY If you have ZERO intention to reciprocate.  GEEZ!

I also would appreciate it if you read about ME before you offer your social media services. (Hey folks, I may just own a social media company >>> check out

Sorry for my rant, but after the 100th request in nearly 100 days I have had ENOUGH!

I do have anti-spam filters (all over the dang place) … but sneaky little trolls know how to do smart those!

So, here is my words of ADVICE to YOU… spend your time making a positive difference in the world instead.

Thank you.