Halloween Sign Language – Lesson #4



It is almost time for Halloween!  Celebrating holidays can be a lot of fun and a great way to bring sign language lessons “to life”! Here are some signs for all ages for one of my favorite holidays – Halloween!


HALLOWEEN is a sign that is made to represent a MASK over your eyes and then opening it back up.  Some people use an “H” handshake for this sign.



unspecified-1 unspecified-2

MONSTER is an easy sign and mimics what many of us already use for this word.

Halloween sign - MONSTER



Of course what is Halloween with GHOSTS and WITCHES?




unspecified witch


To make the sign for GHOST use the “F” handshape and separate them.

WITCH is made with the “X” handshape.  Your dominant hand starts at the nose. Your second X- handshake meets it. (See the video)

COSTUME is the sign for CLOTHING, too!  Thumbs meet at the upper torso.



And, what would Halloween be without CANDY!! I love this sign so much that I have several photos below showing our great sign language models signing it! Don’t forget the sign for KNOCKING ON THE DOOR (or how else will you get your treats?)

candy candy 3 candy-3door knock


VAMPIRES anyone? (Note double “X” fingers)




PLEASE and THANK YOU are two words that are important to know – regardless! So, here they are…

PLEASE - ASL   Thank You!